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ScheduleComplete ® Lite - Online Appointment / Resource Scheduling Software
ScheduleComplete ® Lite - Online Appointment / Resource Scheduling Software
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ScheduleComplete (R) Lite is a WEB based appointment scheduling system which is specifically oriented for small and medium size businesses to start taking appointments or make resource reservations online, through an easy to use web interface. 

The main features are:
  • Easy to setup schedules
  • Automatic resource allocation and scheduling
  • Recurring appointments (New feature!)
  • Fully customizable email notifications to customer and resources 
  • Automatic appointment reminders 
  • Appointment Callback list for the office employees
  • Month /Day/Week and Report schedule views
  • Easy appointment lookup

The system is flexible enough to accommodate any type of business. Below are a few:
  • Doctors and  Lawyers
  • Spa and Nail Salons
  • Churches
  • Party schedules
  • Carpet cleaners, Plumbers , Air Conditioning, Cable, Electricians
  • Teachers and Study groups
  • and many more...
 The system provides multiple configuration screens and is easy to setup. First you will have to define Resource Types - a grouping of substitutable or alike resources.
Then you will define resources and assign them to a type. For instance Dr.Goldbert and Dr. Dezi are resources of "Doctor". Either of them can accept patients. Optionally you can define an availability schedule for each doctor (resource).
Finally, you will need to define an "Appointment Type" - which is displayed to the site visitor when they choose appointments. Appointment type specifies the availability of the schedule, required resources, and reminder options (email or callback).
Aside of tweaking some security settings - you are done! Now the visitors will be able to go to your website, pick an appointment type, and schedule the appointment. The system will take care of resource allocation and schedule reservations.  Your employees will be able to see thier schedules online by logging in to the website or they can receive notifications by email.
Day View
Week view
Month view


Please feel free to use this DEMO SITE to see if  the system will work for You!

The module documentation can be found HERE


One order per domain name. Please contact us if you are interested in the unlimited licensing or reselling the product. 


This product requires running installation of  DotNetNuke portal platform  (free product) and is designed to work on DNN V4.x and V5.x, running ASP.NET 2.0 of .NET Runtime v3.5, under MS IIS 7, MS SQL 9.X (SQL 2005 and MS SQL Express).


If you are not technically savvy, we’ll gladly assist you with the installation of the DotNetNuke WEB portal and our products for a flat rate of $150. We also can accommodate you with the product customization for $78/hr (this includes custom coding and integration with other products/systems)

This is “TRY BEFORE YOU BUY” software. You can request a demo license before you buy it. The trial version of the software is fully functional and is not limited in any way. After the trial period expiration the software will become completely disabled and will not function.
If you have not received the license, please contact us to obtain the permanent or demo license. In your message please make sure to include the DOMAIN NAME where you're going to install the software and the ORDER NUMBER.
It may take up to 24 hours to receive the license. Most likely, licenses will not be shipped during US national holidays, weekends and anytime outside the regular office hours.
Once you purchase a license, you'll be given unlimited (here unlimited only means software will not have any time or functional limit) license for purchased domain(s).  
Once issued, the license CANNOT BE REVOKED, TRANSFERED OR MODIFIED in any way. There is NO MONEY BACK, once a permanent license is issued.
This product is provided ‘as is’ without warranty of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular use. General support is provided at our "best effort", although we are not obligated to PROVIDE ANY SUPPORT FOR THIS PRODUCT, except if you have entered into additional support agreement with XP Idea, LLC.


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