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Backup /Restore module for DotNetNuke


This module allows for complete DotNetNuke (DNN) instance backup. Many discount web space service providers do not always provide the ability to backup or restore your DNN instance. With that issue on mind, this module was created to bypass the unresolved issues with service providers.

In its initial version, this module was limited to taking a database snapshot and storing it as an XML file to be resorted later. In this newest version, we also added the ability to also backup and restore host files. This allows for complete DNN backup and migration.

This module is designed to work on DotNukeNuke 3.x and 4.x running on ASP.NET 1.1 and 2.0 under MS SQL Server 2000 SP 4 or MS SQL 2005 database.  With your single license you can use this module in a production environment on one machine, with one installation (instance) of DotNetNuke and one WEB domain name. It can also be used in a development environment under one LOCALHOST domain name on multiple computers and DotNetNuke instances more ...

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