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Misspelled Domain Names

Domain names can be both tricky for both an individual and large corporate entities. Domain names are unique references to websites that offer content specific to a person or company. The domain name that you choose should reflect the website’s subject matter to enable web visitors to know what to expect when they arrive at the site.

When registering a domain name, you may want to consider purchasing more than one name. Often times, it is important to consider purchasing domain names that may be confused with your domain name.

One prime example would be for the purchase of the domain name, website.com. You may consider purchasing webste.com as well. You can always redirect it to your website. Because the domain name is a common misspelling of the first, then many customers that have misspelled the name can still reach your domain name as well. You can also just redirect one domain name to another.

This utility will provide you with an easy way to generate hundreds of misspellings of your domain name. The tool uses algorithms to mimic natural behavior of a person typing search terms on the computer using a standard “QWERTY” keyboard layout. A majority of the generated domain names will match those that real world searches would have occurred.

Misspelled Domain Names Generator
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