Tuesday, June 25, 2024
Software Development Services
Our core team of software developers is the heart of our company, and they can provide a complete range of development services. They are specialized in developing new products and extending and improving existing products that you are already using in your business.

All of our development is done using a proven process and with the aid of standard secure source-code-control system. We also offer a defect tracking system and tools that are available for you to view at any time.

New Product Development

Our teams of experts here at XP Idea are here to turn your new software product or platform into marketable products. We work with each of our clients to define and plan a scope of work and work with you to develop a plan that will best meet your businesses needs.

We develop prototypes that help you ensure potential funding and leads for customers. Our skilled and professional development team can guarantee that your project will meet complete product specification at the highest standards.


Product Extension and Improvement

To remain competitive, your software products may need to be tailored to new industries, enhanced for better performance, or migrated to new platforms. XP Idea has helped many clients to reach new markets, extend product lifecycles and improve product performance to enhance its reputation in the market.
We offer improved software interface design, code quality, testing and quality assurance that can enhance a product’s performance or prepare it for due diligence.

Contact us today to talk about your goals for improving the marketability and performance of your existing products. Contact us at 1-877-200-2539.

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